The Interactive Internet Piano Concert

On this page, you can follow the development of Brent Hugh's upcoming piano concert, listening to early, sketchy, rehearsal recordings all the way through the actual concert as performed live, and, finally, polished studio recordings of each movement. Visitors are invited to participate in the development of the concert by making comments and rating the various performances.

Recital, ver. 3.0.3: LIVE Broadcasts of my New All-Chopin Program!

Every evening, 1 February through Mid-May, 1999, at 10 PM CST each evening, tune into LIVE internet broadcasts of Brent Hugh's upcoming program (Chopin Preludes).

Live Broadcast Performance

To listen to the broadcast, visit, evenings starting about 9:30 PM CST (0330 GMT) and look for the server entitled Brent Hugh - Interactive Piano Concert.

Archive Edition

The Details

You need only the WinAmp player to listen in to either the live broadcast or the archive (click here to download WinAmp). If you have another MP3 player installed, you can probably use it if you download the mp3 file to your hard drive first (downloading the file to your hard drive will usually involve right-clicking, shift-clicking, option-clicking, or some other unusual kind of clicking the link, as opposed to simply clicking it the normal way). If you have MP3Spy, you can chat with the performer before and after the live performance.

These concerts are actual live broadcasts. If you cannot make the live broadcast, the previous day's broadcast will always be available on this page for listening. These broadcasts are previews of upcoming concerts in March and April 1999.

Each evening starting about 9:30 PM, pre-recorded material will broadcast, followed at about 10:00 PM by the live concert. Due to various circumstances, there may not be broadcast concerts on a few evenings.

The Recital, version 2.1.0
All Debussy Program

Don't miss the page about Claude Debussy and the Javanese Gamelan (or find out more about the Javanese Gamelan in general).

You can listen to each individual piece:
(Click to listen in Realaudio Format)
"Prélude" from Pour le piano
"Pagodes" from Estampes,
Images II:
I. Cloches à travers les feuilles
II. Et la lune descend sur le temple qui fut
III. Poissons d'or
or, the whole thing

Encore: Scherzo by Charles T. Griffes
(Griffes was a great admirer of Debussy and Griffes's music owes much to Debussy's.)
(This performance of Scherzo is from my 1994 recording Brent Hugh In Recital)

You can hear more of RealAudio of Brent Hugh here.

As you are listening, please take a moment to leave a comment or rate the music/performances.

Coming soon:

New Archives of Live Broadcasts, plus new program notes and more . . .

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CD Quality MP3s of Chopin and Debussy, by Brent Hugh

The fine print . . .

Recordings are in streaming format (either RealAudio or streaming MP3). Once the music is playing, you don't have to stay here--you can browse off to other sites and music will continue to play. Current recording status: Version 2.1.0. Recorded live in concert 3 February 1998, Grant Hall, University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Version 3.0.x, recorded in my studio, Raytown, MO, February 1999. If you don't have RealAudio Player installed, it is a relatively small download (~750K), installs itself with a minimum of fuss, and best of all--it's free. The same goes for WinAMP, which plays the streaming MP3 files.

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