16th Century Pornography (Un)Veiled

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As usual, we have offered our resident art expert, S. Elf Righteous, the opportunity to respond to and eradicate the indecency. Believing that a picture is worth a thousand words, Elf has submitted his own artwork as his commentary. We think that you will agree with Elf--once you compare the two, you'll know which one is art and which isn't . . .

(BTW, Elf has a tendency to see things in Black and White--so if you see some funny colors in Elf's version, you'll know why. You're just not looking at in the One And Only True And Correct Way. So put away that fancy-dancy 16 bajillion color monitor and look at this page the way God and Elf intended you to--in beautiful green monochrome.)

The Birth of Venus by that well-known devil-worshipper/pornographer, Botticelli

A Worthless Pornographic 'Art'work

(The perverts among you may click on the image the inspect the indecency in greater detail. Elf wishes us to remind you that these clicks are recorded in a gigantic database down at the nearest FBI office, so be careful what you rub that mouse over . . . )

Cherubic Children Placing Their Beloved Mother on a Seashell-like Pedestal, by the ever-inspired and artistic S. Elf Righteous

A Beautiful and Charming Work of Art
(Click for full-sized version)

Now this is how art shoud be drawn! Not only have I added a heart-warming, family-oriented story to the picture, but they all just look so much warmer than they did before. And besides, the loose-fitting clothing nicely covers up our mother's unsightly little pot belly. I mean, clothes were put down here on earth for a reason! So let's use them the way God intended!!!! --Elf

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