TWC Training Server Stats

Last Update: Tue, 03 Jan 2017 04:33:31 GMT

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Missions & Kills Summary
Details about Sorties and Damage to Player
Details about Player Damage to Enemy
Death Date
Self Kill?
Ace Level
Total Kills
Ave. Kills Per Flight
Air/ AA/ Naval/ Ground Kills
Time (min.)
Land- ings at/ away from Air- port
Para- chute Suc- cess/ Fail
Times Player Health Damaged/ Aircraft Damaged/ Parts Cut Off
# sorties ended due to self- damage/ Times self- damaged
Total Dam- age Done
Fuel / Systems / Guns / Controls-Flaps-Wheels / Cockpit / Engine Damage
Damage to Ship or Tank
Wing/ Other Parts Cut
Con- nected/ Dis- con- nected

Go to: Training Server Stats - Mission Server Stats

Click for Training Server Stats: Current ALIVE pilots stats list - DEAD pilots stats list (archive)

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Notes on Rank & Ace Levels: Your Ace Level is based purely on the number of kills you have participated in.

Your rank is based on a combination of number of flights, hours of flight time, and damage done. Note that AA, naval, and ground kills receive a damage bonus of 20 damage points per kill, which is added to the Total Damage Done. This is to give bomber pilots parity in working towards promotions (without this adjustment, a bomber kill of an aa, naval, or ground target typically awards just 1 damage point).

RAF ranks in order from lowest to highest are: Tyro, Pilot Officer, Flying Officer, Flight Lieutenant, Squadron Leader, Wing Commander, Group Captain, Air Commodore--and several higher ranks you can discover with diligent flying!

STATS NOTES: For the Training Server, stats are compiled continuously over many flights/lives. Note that you can continue a flight (in order to boost your kills per flight average) by landing at/near an airport safely and then taking off from that same airport again.

The number of times you were forced to abandon your sortie due to self-damage is tracked. In addition, the number of times self-damage is registered is tracked. For example, if you blow your rads, that registered one incident of self-damage. Soon your engine will overheat and fail in a few different ways--that will register 3-4-5 more incidents of self-damage. And so on.

You are awarded a full kill if you have any participation in the kill (for now; a system for shared & partial kills is in progress).

AA kills are antiaircraft, artillery, and tanks. Naval kills are ships (not counting amphibious). Ground kills are any other type of ground or naval object.

You may be awarded more than one 'death' per flight--if, for example, you are pilot-killed and then your plane crashes a few minutes later. This is a quirk of the underlying CloD server.

Various types of damage recorded here are simple counts of how many times damage was done without necessarily factoring in the amount or severity of damage. For example, if you hit an enemy on the right wing, the tail, and fuselage, that will register as doing damage '3 times'. If you hit them pretty hard, you may register damage 6 or 8 times hitting those three parts. But in general, the damage totals simply count up how many times you have damaged the various parts and systems of the enemy aircraft. It has little relation to how much damage your hit has done. For example, a bomb destroying a factory is one hit; so is a machine gun bullet passing through the fabric of a wing and leaving a small hole. Think of the damage counts as indicating how many times you have hit enemy aircraft or vehicles in the locations indicated.

'Parts Cut Off' are when aircraft wings, tails, nose, etc are cut, smashed, broken, or shot off. This could be, for example, just the wing tip, half the wing, or a whole wing, whole tail, whole nose, etc.

'Landings at Airport' are registered when you see a message from the server 'XX has returned to base', 'XX has landed safely', 'XX is safe on the ground', or similar. Generally to receive this message & register you landing, you must be on the ground at an airport with your aircraft stopped. Note that you receive this message whether it was a great landing or you aircraft disintegrated. As long as you are alive, on the ground, and stopped at an airport, the landing will register. Note, however, that landings involving self-damage will register in the 'self-damage' stats.

'Landings Away From Airport' are the landings where the server gives you a message like 'XX has crash landed'. For unknown reasons, CloD does not always register these crash landings--though it usually does if they are water landings/ditches. Note again that our stats will register landings away from an airport via the self-damage stats (if applicable) and by not allowing you to continue your continuous 'Mission' if you are unable to take off again from the location you landed.

All of these details are under development and subject to change. Some are only partly working for now.

Note that stats are for fun and for information only. These stats will differ from in-game Netstats for a variety of reasons. CloD does not give servers access to Netstats, so these stats are completely independent of the in-game Netstats. These statistics depend on the information passed by CLoD to the server, which is not always complete or reliable. In addition, the statistics code may have bugs or be incomplete. In short, take these statistics as some potentially fun and useful information about your flying, but not necessarily complete or completely accurate.