BrailleM: The Braille Music List

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*Announcing BrailleM: The Braille Music List*

BrailleM is a place for discussing and learning about all aspects 
of braille music code. The BrailleM email list is designed to help 
beginners in Braille music and give them a place where they can 
ask questions of more experienced braille music users. The list 
will also be useful to more experienced users, who can discuss
more difficult passages and formats.

BrailleM covers any and all subjects related to braille music, 
ranging from such practical questions as where to find braille
music teaching materials, where to order braille music material, 
and how to transcribe music into braille music code, all the 
way to broader issues and advocacy related to braille music.

*List Information*

BrailleM has a website with information about the list (including how to
subscribe and unsubscribe) and general information about Braille Music:

To subscribe to BrailleM, send a blank message to:

To unsubscribe from BrailleM, send a blank message to:


If you have problems subscribing to the list, you can write the list 
owner, Brent Hugh (

*Spread the Word!*

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discussion groups, or anywhere else it seems appropriate.

--Brent Hugh 
20 January 2002