The Indecent Definition of Indecency

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From an Associate Press article, "Supreme Court allows limits on indecent radio and TV shows," Jan 8, 1996:

Past court rulings have defined "indecent" as that material describing in patently offensive terms sexual or excretory activities or organs.

Since 1987, the FCC has deemed as indecent all explicit references to **** ****** ** ************, ***********, ****** ****, ***** ****, ****** ***********, ******,**********, ****-******* *******, *********, ******, **********, ************ and *********. [Censored: explicit reference to nearly every sexual or excretory activity or organ known to man]

Unlike obscenity, indecency is protected by the First Amendment's free-speech guarantee. Governments must justify any interference with indecent expression.

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