The Dreaded Planned Parenthood Clinic Address

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According to a New York Times column by Charles Levendosky:

The telecom bill refers to a curious section of Title 18 of the U.S. Code and alters it to include interactive computer services (meaning Internet and E-mail).

That section (1462) of the U.S. Code makes it illegal to transport materials, drugs, and medicines used for abortion and includes a prohibition against books or pamphlets about abortion. It also makes it illegal to give information about where abortions are performed.

So the telecom bill, as passed, forbids the communication of all such information over Internet or by E-mail.

The Indecency

Upon reading this, our resident expert on indecency, S. Elf Righteous, was extremely dismayed to discover that his own "Important Announcement" to some Pro-Life buddies on the internet has been declared indecent:

Attention fellow Pro-Lifers! S. Elf Righteous here with an Important Announcement relevant to your eternal salvation.

My top-flight investigative staff here at The Indecency Page recently uncovered a nefarious and heretofore unknown fact: the Planned Parenthood clinic right here in Kansas City are a bunch of baby killers! The gall of them, right here under my very righteous nose!!! It's horrendous! It's revolting!!! It's disgusting!!!!! It MUST be STOPPED!!!!!! According to their very own literature, "Planned Parenthood of Greater Kansas City provides pregnancy testing, birth control, and caring, confidential abortion services." ("Caring" abortion--hrrruMMmph!)

This is unbelievable!!! This disgrace must END!!!!! This horrifying BLIGHT on our fair city MUST BE WIPED OUT, CLEANED OFF, and FLUSHED down to the NETHERMOST REGIONS OF HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!

I invite all my fellow pro-lifers to picket the Planned Parenthood clinic at 1001 East 47th Street, Kansas City, Missouri. Also call the clinic at (816) 756-2277 and express your disapproval of their nefarious actions. --Elf

Elf's Always Temperate and Insightful Reaction to the Indecency

Before dashing off into the street with a large, dangerous-looking object hidden under his coat, Elf was kind enough to give us his reaction upon learning that his "Important Announcement" was an electronic "book or pamphlet about abortion" which also "[gave] information about where abortions are performed" and had thus been declared indecent and banned from the internet:

Well, hrrrmph, ahem, cough-cough, aaaahhhhh, hrrrrrrRRRRrrrrrrmmMMMmmmmppPPPpph. Aaahh, well, I just KNOW that the Indecency Bill here was a really great and inspired idea NECESSARY to protect our GREAT AND GLORIOUS CHRISTIAN NATION from the influence of godless infidels and WORST of ALL secular HUMANISTS!!!!!!!!!!!! But it seems that something has gone awry here. How can my own infallibly spiritual and inspired writing be . . . er, uuuhhh, oh, uummmm, oh, yes! I see now!!! It's the commies, yeah, that's it, the commies, and the Trilateral Commission, yes, they've . . . and the ATF--they're in on this, and . . . and don't forget the REAL ENEMY the libral EASTERN PRESS!!!!! Yeah, that's it . . . I smell cover-up here! And conspiracy!! And . . . HEY NOREEN! LOAD ME UP THAT AK-47 AND BRING IT OVER HERE AND I MEAN GIT YER BUTT MOVING ON IT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! I'm going to take that sucker and go out and fix this here problem PERSONALLY and I mean FIX IT UP GOOD . . . them Goddamn commies and libral hippy freeloaders are going to have a REAL CHRISTIAN to deal with, and I don't mean one of them fake-o weak-kneed, lilly-livered lay down and take it on the other cheek types, EITHER . . . --Elf

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