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Wednesday, September 04, 2002
Media Coverage of BikeKC, June, July, August 2002
A complete list of all known media coverage of BikeKC, since July 2002:

As of 8/19.02

1. The condition of Kansas City streets, as seen from the seat of a bicycle:

(An expanded version of this is at http://www.sunflower.org/~bhugh/kcstreets/)

2. A long article about the history and future of BikeKC, with detailed coverage of the BikeKC debate and discussion August 15th in City Council meetings:


3. A Kansas City Star editorial about BikeKC, urging Kansas City to "follow through on their recent commitment" to make the streets safer for bicyclists:


4. Letter to the editor, urging Kansas City to use TEA-21 federal funding to smooth the streets for bicycles and motor vehicles:


5. BikeKC humor:


6. Article in the Kansas City Bicycle Club newsletter. For an excerpt, see:

7. Article in the Johnson County Bicycle Club newsletter (not available online, but available at all area bicycle shops).

As of 8/19/2002:

* As far as I know, all local TV news programs covered the approval of BikeKC by the City Council. I saw a shot of the famous "Yellow Jerseys" on Channel 9.

* KMBZ radio interviewed some bicyclists and did a story on BikeKC.

* The KCStar's Mike Rice covered the BikeKC events in City Hall Thursday. See


* The KCStar's Lee Judge drew an editorial cartoon related to BikeKC.

* The KCStar's Mike Hendricks wrote a complimentary column about BikeKC:


As of 8/13/2002:

* KMBC had a story about a bicycle commuter Monday, and related this to BikeKC.

* Fox4 news interviewed several people about BikeKC Monday, including Councilman Ford. The story will air Wednesday on the 9PM or 10PM news.

* An announcement of the upcoming ride to the City Council meeting Thursday (http://www.infozine.com/news/stories/op/storiesView/sid/782/).

* A letter to the editor in the Kansas City Star supporting bicycling:


* An editorial brief from the Kansas City Star about the BikeKC hearing:


As of 8/8/02

* All Kansas City television news stations covered the "Bike Parade" to city hall in support of BikeKC and the committee meeting that followed. Several of them showed interviews with bicyclists who participated in the "Bike Parade".

* A long article about the BikeKC hearing last Wednesday, with details about the testimony and issues, is in Kansas City infoZine:


* Mike Rice's article about BikeKC's approval by the P-Z committee in the Kansas City Star:


As of 8/5/02

* Bev Chapman of KMBC (Channel 9) interviewed some people today about BikeKC. The story explained BikeKC. Both supporters and opponents gave their points of view. The text of the story is at:


* The Walt Bodine call-in show at 10-11AM Tuesday was on BikeKC. It is on KCUR (89.3 FM). All callers favored making KC friendlier for bicycling; under questioning by Councilman Ed Ford, some were more in favor of off-street bicycle paths while others spoke in favor of on-street bicycling.

July 2002

* Kansas City Star "As I See It" editorial by Brent Hugh. Gives reasons for supporting BikeKC. "BikeKC is an important step toward making our roads and our city friendlier, not just for bicyclists but for everyone." See:


* "Is On-street Bicycling Safe?"--statistics and summary of what is scientifically known about one of the major issues in the BikeKC debate:


* "BikeKC--A Plan to Make Kansas City More Bicycle-Friendly", and article in Kansas City Infozine:


* Mike Hendricks' column reporting the BikeKC would be re-considered by the Planning, Zoning, and Economic Development committee, and urging area bicycle supporters to let their voice be heard: