Teaching Young People to Be Musical

American students have vast musical abilities that are being wasted because of inadequate training in the early years. The needed training is not difficult, costly, or time-consuming. Why are we not giving it to every student?

A Simple and Practical Way to Integrate Music into the Elementary and Pre-School Classroom
by Brent Hugh
brent [at] brenthugh.com
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My research into music preferences and learning over the lifespan has some fascinating and little-known ramifications about how music should be taught, to both younger and older students. The ideas can be applied by all school teachers (music teacher or not) and all music teachers. But for parents and teachers of young children--about age 10 and under--the ideas are particularly compelling.

It is possible to use music at home and school in a way that is easy, natural, and fun, takes little time (in fact, can save time), keeps children on task and working together, and at the same time teaches basic musical skills.

I have summarized the research and conclusions on another page. Below is sheet music for free, fun, downloadable children's songs that put the ideas into action.

Free Sheet Music Downloads
Click below to download easy piano arrangements of these new children's songs by Brent Hugh, in PDF format. Each song includes easy piano accompaniment, chord symbols and fretboard diagrams for guitar, complete lyrics, and tips for learning and teaching the song.

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Individual Songs

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