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Brent Hugh In Recital

Solo piano, performed by Brent Hugh.

Brent Hugh In Recital has the premier recordings of Brent Hugh’s Fractal Variations and Sonatina in Three Styles, plus the passionate Sonata in F# Minor by Schumann and dramatic Scherzo by the American composer Charles T. Griffes. The recording also includes Prokofieff’s devilishly difficult Suggestions Diabolique and the seldom-performed Prelude and Nocturne for the Left Hand Alone by Alexander Scriabin.

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Realaudio Samples:

Scherzo by Charles T. Griffes (28.8 quality).

Fractal Variations at the Freedom 4 Sounds archive. (ISDN Quality)
Helpful notes on listening to Fractal Variations:This RealAudio version has pretty good sound; it's recorded at "ISDN" quality. With RealAudio 4.0 it played back just fine over my 28.8 modem (it took a couple of minutes to buffer at the beginning). If you are using RealAudio 3.0 with a 28.8 or slower modem, you can try pressing "Pause" as soon as the music starts. Wait a few minutes (the RealPlayer should be buffering all this while) and when you press play again it will play for a good long while before it runs out of buffer (this might work with other version of RealPlayer also).

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