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Reviews and Comments About Brent Hugh's Performances, Recordings, and Music


Tim Cummings, Sheridan (Wyoming) Press:

"Those who have previously seen Hugh . . . know of his casual, spontaneous ease in addressing himself either to the music or to converse with the audience about an idiosyncrasy of a composer."

About Fantastic Rhapsodies: The Gamelan-Inspired Music of Claude Debussy
(responses to recorded version, online version, or live version)

The Kansas City Star did a very nice article on my research on Debussy and the Javanese Gamelan. Click here to read the article on the KCStar's website.

Richard Greene, Kansas City infoZine:

" . . . melodious essays, thoughtful journeys, tonal sculptures, and musical waterfalls . . . Hugh HAS captured Fantastic Rhapsodies."

Elsie Hall, Davis County Clipper:

" . . . his music awakes one emotion and then another."

Listener from New York

"I enjoyed listening to your Debussy. Your playing is technically superb! . . . somehow your Debussy reminded me of some of the recordings by Walter Gieseking."

Customer from Arkansas:

" . . . the main reason that I ordered it after finding your website is because it includes Clair de lune. I LOVE that piece of music, and you play it beautifully!"

Internet user:

"Beautiful performance. Thank you for putting this music on the web."

Internet user:

"I enjoyed the prelude very much. (Thats all I listened to.) I've heard that piece several times. I thought your performance was quite expressive, exciting and dramatic. I enjoyed the swells in intensity."

Internet user:

"I loved the whole concert. It was really beautiful and so very exciting. I am so happy that i found this page."

Internet User from California:

"Wonderful! Inventive! And damn good playing!"

Internet user from France:

"Très beau, wonderful! It's great, really great. I like this kind of music."

About Brent Hugh Live In Kansas City
(responses to recorded version, online version, or live version)

Internet User:

"Great Job!!! I only heard the Capriccio and I loved it. I'll come again to listen to the whole thing. When are you coming to Paraguay and give a Concert?"

Internet User:

"Bach, Capriccio flows very nicely. Is that direct enough for you?"

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