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Brent Hugh's composition
Music of the Human Genome
has recently received international media attention

and hit the #20 spot on the "Big Chart"

" . . . eerie yet soothing qualities . . . "
--Robert Thomason on, writing about Music of the Human Genome

" . . . soothing, peaceful, almost trance-like."
--Jonathan Houghton in St. Joseph News-Press, writing about Music of the Human Genome

" . . . unlike anything I'd heard before."
--Internet listener from Missouri, about Music of the Human Genome

You can read the article on here,
the article in the St. Joseph News-Press here,
and listen to Music of the Human Genome (free) here.

Coming to you direct from the home office in Raytown, Missouri ("The Puke State"), it's . . .
Brent Hugh's Phenomenal Internet Mall

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What we've got . . .

The Phenomenal Internet Music Mall has sheet music and recordings by Brent Hugh. You can download free sheet music and listen to RealAudio selections of recordings. A few midi files are lurking around here and there for free download, also.

(Please note that downloading and printing the sheet music and even listening to RealAudio files can take a significant amount of time, effort, and computer know-how on your part. But, if you're willing to put forth the time and effort, these recordings and sheet music are indeed perfectly free.)

If you don't want to put forth the time and effort to print your free sheet music or listen to the online Real Audio and MIDI files, or if you want a nicer looking/sounding copy of something, you can order it for a reasonable price (CDs are around $10.00 and sheet music mostly around $2.00, for instance).

We try to make it painless to order from us--we accept all major credit cards, cash, checks, or money orders.

Brent Hugh is a concert pianist and composer. About Brent Hugh tells more about him. You can read what others have said about him on the Reviews and Reactions page.

Link to Us and Win a Phenomenal Prize!

You can win an extremely Phenomenal prize simply for making a link from your home page to the Phenomenal Internet Music Mall. Just add this html code to your home page:

<TABLE border=1><TR><TD><FONT size="-1">
<a href="">
Click here for free downloadable sheet music</a></FONT>
Once you have linked to us from your page, just email us. Be sure to include your email address and the URL of the page(s) where you added the link.

Feel free to link to us from more than one of your pages (yes, this does increase your chances of winning).

AND THE PHENOMENAL PRIZE IS: A $50 gift certificate good towards any purchase at the Phenomenal Internet Music Mall. Prizes will be awarded once every two months; the winner will be chosen from those who are linked to us. Once you are linked to us and notify us of the link via email, you will be automatically entered in the every contest from that time forward.

The winning page's URL will be announced in our Email Updates, giving your site some good free publicity, as well.

Hearing/Seeing samples, downloading free stuff . . .

Eventually we would like to have all of the music and recordings available online. You could just listen to them/print them or whatever for free if you want, or send in a couple of bucks to get a nicer sounding/looking copy. Remember, we're not in this to make a mint! We're in it because we think we've got some interesting, useful, fun music and we want you to be able to enjoy it, too! We'd give it all away if it wouldn't send us to the poorhouse!

Unfortunately, having everything online is impossible right now (anybody want to donate 100 meg of online hard disk space to a good cause?). However, we are trying to have at least part of each item freely downloadable or otherwise freely available.

Why Phenomenal?

Why are we Phenomenal? In the eyes of the corporate world, the only reason to run a business is to make bucketloads of money. The Phenomenal Internet Music Mall isn't set up for that reason at all. Our only real economic goal is to avoid losing bucketloads of money. And that's a pretty Phenomenal way to run a business . . .

Have you written high quality sheet music that you would like to have published?

Have you written music that you would like to make available to the public, music which is musically interesting and very high quality and yet for some reason--extreme difficulty, very small potential market, esoteric instrumentation or musical ideas--is not of interest to regular music publishers?

I have now developed a system which allows me to easily and profitably make this kind of high-quality, low-quantity sheet music available, advertised on the World-wide Web and delivered via mail order, on an ongoing basis. Your music will be "in print" for years to come.

Assuming that you already have good copy of your music (preferably in some computer format such as a Finale file or PDF file), this opportunity will cost you little or nothing in extra time, effort, or money. You might even make a little profit.

Email me for details.

Coming soon . . .

More CDs, more tapes, more sheet music, sheet music by American composer Amy Beach (Mrs. H. H. A. Beach), Disklavier recordings, and other appropriately Phenomenal stuff . . .

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