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Christmas Dreams

Solo piano, performed by Brent Hugh, over 65 minutes of music, available as CD or Cassette tape

Picture of CD Front Cover Christmas Dreams is Brent Hugh's first Christmas CD. In contrast with the forced commercial hypercheerfulness of much of the Christmas music we hear during the holiday season, Picture of CD Back Cover Christmas Dreams is thoughtful, contemplative, and even meditative (although it has itís exciting moments, too!).

Christmas Dreams has beautiful interpretations of "Silent Night," "With Wondering Awe," "Ring Out Wild Bells," "We Saw Three Ships," "Away in A Manger," and other favorites.

Christmas Dreams was influenced by styles as diverse as classical music, Jazz, and New Age, and composers such as Beethoven, Chopin, Claude Debussy, Philip Glass, Thelonius Monk, John Cage, and Charles Ives.

Christmas is a time for dreams, and these are the dreams I had as I thought, late at night, about Christmas and its many moods.

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RealAudio Samples:

Track List

Note: Since this is a solo piano CD, the lyrics are never actually used on the CD. But the lyrics give you a good idea, in literary terms, of what each of these tracks might be about, in musical terms.

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