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The familiar favorite, in PDF format
easy piano arrangement by Brent Hugh

Technical Note: Some versions of Netscape mangle the "Chopsticks" file. If you open the file and don't see any notes, then you have this problem. The underlying file is fine, but Netscape does something to it when you display the file within Netscape. This is not a problem with the Chopsticks PDF file or with Adobe Acrobat, but a bug in some versions of Netscape.

To solve this problem:

  1. Save the Chopsticks .pdf file to your hard drive (Right-click the link Click here to view/download, then choose "Save link as . . .").
  2. Go to the place on your hard drive where you saved the file (filename is "chopsticks.pdf") and double click the filename. This will start the Acrobat Reader (assuming you have it installed, of course) and you can view the file properly.

About Chopsticks

This is an easy arrangement of the old favorite, Chopsticks. It is arranged as a solo but can be played as a duet if one person plays the treble clef and the other plays the bass.

As a duet, it can be played by the earliest beginners.

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