Fantastic Rhapsodies--Clair de lune, The Engulfed Cathedral, The Girl with the Flaxen Hair & other gamelan-inspired works of Debussy

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Fantastic Rhapsodies

Solo piano, performed by Brent Hugh, CD $8.95; Cassette Tape $7.95
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Debussy CD Front Cover--Clair de lune, The Isle of Joy, The Engulfed 
Cathedral, Goldfish--Javanese gamelan-inspired music

Fantastic Rhapsodies has music of Claude Debussy inspired by the Javanese gamelan. Enter a new and fascinating world of sound as Debussy transfers these exotic but beautiful timbres and musical textures to the western world of piano music.

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Reviews & Press

The Kansas City Star had some very nice coverage of my research into Claude Debussy and the Javanese gamelan. They even featured some tracks from the CD on their dial-in info line.

You can read a review of Fantastic Rhapsodies by Kansas City infoZine online. Kansas City infoZine also covered the live version of Fantastic Rhapsodies. You can also read what internet users and other regular people thought about the music on Fantastic Rhapsodies.

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